Your November property news

Your November property news


Autumn is now in full swing as we speed through the year and into winter. As a business working with a mix of residential and commercial landlords, rural businesses and residential homeowners, we see first-hand how busy everyone gets this time of year.

The 1st of January is now only a stone’s throw away and it marks so much. Everyone we speak to is already gearing up, either for Christmas business or for changes in their personal or work life. 

November is where the pace quickens and the crisp air helps to deliver a fresh outlook.

We went live with our own fresh outlook only a month ago. Our new logo, colour scheme and website all launched and we’re in the final throws of updating all our offices and communications. I really hope you like what we’ve done.

We have made some huge improvements to our website user experience. If you’ve not already had chance, do click here and have a look.

This time of year, we always start talking to our clients and contacts about when the right time to market your property or land is. A lot of people wait until the New Year, thinking that is when the surge of buyers are starting to look.

However, we know, and Rightmove stats back this up, that the main online property and land search surge is on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Rightmove get 25% more traffic on the week between Christmas and New Year, than any normal week. If you’re thinking of selling, you need to make sure your property or land is included in these searches. Waiting untill businesses reopen on 2nd January will mean you miss out on all these additional potential buyers.

By getting the ball rolling now, you have plenty of time for valuations, decisions, decluttering, details to be written, photos to be taken etc.  It is best to have your photos taken before any snow or you put your Christmas decorations up. So now is a great time.

If you would like to speak to any of our team about having your property or land valued, please click here for our list of offices and their contact details.  

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