Your Latest Landlord Update

Your Latest Landlord Update


The summer is a busy period in the world of lettings, but it’s as important as ever to keep an eye on your properties to make sure they are well-maintained. This month we are focussing on the importance of regular property inspections. We recommend 3 or 4 property inspections a year, to make sure your property is being looked after and also to ensure any issues are dealt with promptly. This can be time-consuming for landlords, which is why our fully-managed service includes quarterly property inspections. You can read about what our property inspection service includes here or give us a call to find out more.

Following on from property inspections, we have also put together some tips on how to minimise wear and tear in your rental properties. Keeping wear and tear under control throughout a tenancy will remove the need for a full refurbishment once long-term tenants move out.

Wishing you a fantastic July,

Mark Manning

Partner and Head of Lettings

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