At Howkins & Harrison, we are delighted to be able offer Rent Protection Insurance Cover to some of our Managed Tenancies from as little as &9.00 per month.

This is an exclusive offer in conjunction with Stuart & Co Insurance Consultants.

What is Rent Protection Insurance Cover?

It is a peace of mind cover so you are not left out of pocket if unexpected issues arise from your tenant. It protects you for rent default, legal fees, damage caused by your tenant and gives you access to a 24/7 legal advice line.

What is included in the policy?

If your tenant defaults on their rent, you will be covered for the monthly rental income for up to &2,500 per monthly - to a maximum of &25,000. This gives you security and peace of mind that you will not be out of pocket. Also, if you suffer any other unexpected issues with the tenant in your property, this policy will also protect you. This could be for things like:

  • Tenant ignores notice to quit
  • Tenant defaults on rent
  • Tenant causes damages to property
  • Disputes with repairs and renovations to the property
  • This policy will also cover you for up to &100,000 worth of legal fees in the event that:
  • Possession of the property needs to be gained
  • There is a nuisance issue emanating from the property
  • Repairs and renovation issues relating to the property need to be pursued or defended
  • Damages to the property are caused by the tenant - we will look to pursue for the costs of that damage
  • Rent owing is not paid - the policy will pay up to &2,500 per month up to a maximum of &25,000 in the event that the tenant does not pay the rent (This is subject to the tenant being credit referenced)
  • As well as Tax protection.

You will also have unlimited access to 24/7 365 days a year legal advice from our qualified specialist. And, you will also receive the benefit of access to online documents for Health and Safety Legislation and HR documents.

Who can take outRent Protection Insurance Cover?

There are some conditions that a landlord has to meet to be able to take out this policy. We will be able to advise you if you are eligible.

Special conditions for disputes and recovery claims

For property legal disputes and rent recovery claims, we will only be able to cover your claim if you have correctly issued and served the appropriate statutory and contractual notices on the tenant:

  • Section 8 Housing Act 1988 - Possession Notice
  • Section 21 Housing Act 1988 - Notice to Quit

Our advice line is available should you need any assistance with these processes and getting them right.

What is the policy excess?

It depends on what you are claiming for:

  • Eviction - &0
  • Rent protection - &500 or one month's rent, whichever is the greater
  • &1,000 if an alternative appointed representative is used


How do you apply?

If you are interested in this policy or would like to chat through if you are eligible, please contact Kate Fisher on xxxxx.

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