IMPORTANT INFORMATION Howkins & Harrison - response to the COVID-19 pandemic

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Howkins & Harrison - response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Along with the rest of the world, we are holding our breath to see how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves in our community. Although we have no way of predicting how long we will be affected by these difficult times, we wish to assure our clients and contacts that we are doing all that we can to maintain a level of normality. 

With the spread of Coronavirus making headlines across the world, we are taking measures to ensure that we are able to provide a service level that our clients expect, whilst acting responsibly to reduce the risk to everybody. It is inevitable that activity will be affected and that our lives will be different to our usual 'norm.' At this time, we wish to assure our clients that we are working hard to keep disruption to a minimum, whilst operating within & adhering to the ever-changing government guidance. 

When meeting with you, we will stay a safe distance away, will not shake hands, we will not touch surfaces where possible and will wash & sanitise our hands regularly. Please do not take offence by any of these actions. They are alien to us too, but we are striving to reduce the risk to the whole community.

We are regularly assessing our staff and will ask a series of questions ahead of any meetings. If there is anything above a low risk, we will move to video conferencing for meetings and will look to use technology to show potential purchasers around a property from the safety of their own home. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of my team who will assist you, or direct your call to a member of the leadership team. 

Robert Eyton-Jones

Managing Partner

Risk Assessments for Viewings

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